When formatting a SSD and initializing it you can pick a partition table either GPT or MBR – which one is better for SSD’s? More below

What Is GPT and why should it be used on regular drives

Ssd Gpt Or Mbr

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GPT is a modern logical block addressing file system – GPT is quite useful for large drives and is also often used for BIOS tables.

There is no significant performance boost, but GPT supports larger disks and should be used on modern PC’s instead of MBR

Comparison: When Do You Need GPT?

1. Step In General you need GPT only for hard drives that are larger than 2 TB

2. Step If you have a small SSD it is recommended to use MBR – GPT is the newer partition table and may cause problems

3. Step Some people reported booting SSD’s from GPT partitions. This may not always be the case, but it has been reported

4. Step There is no noticeable performance problem

If you are wondering how to convert an existing GPT partition table to MBR, then follow this

Once you’re within “diskpart” enter convert mbr and it will convert the GPT table to MBR