This might be trivial for some, but we also have a lot of beginners on here, so I’ll show you where the notepad is hidden. If you already know how to open the notepad, there’s a handy notepad gadget for Windows 7.

Notepad on Windows Start Menu

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Start Menu

1. Step Click on the Start button to open the Start menu. If you are lucky you will already have the notepad on it:

Windows 7 Start Menu

2. Step If you can’t find the notepad on your Start menu, you’ll have to click on All Programs

3. Step A list of programs appears, click on Accessories and then on Notepad

Open Notepad in Windows 7

Tip: Now that the notepad is opened, you can create another notepad: Hold down CTRL + N to open another notepad.

Tip 2: Right-click on the notepad shortcut (in accessories) and then click on “Pin to Start Menu” and you will have a shortcut to the notepad on your start menu.

Notepad++ Alternative

If you don’t like the default notepad, you might want to consider replacing it with notepad++ or notepad2, but only advanced users should do that.

How to replace notepad with notepad++ or notepad2