Windows 7 Notepad Gadget Do you want a notepad gadget for Windows 7? If so, you can either use the possibly best free sticky notes alternative or you could download this notepad gadget that works exactly like the notes gadget of Vista.

Large Notepad Gadget

The “large notepad” gadget also comes with some new features. For example you can select a new font and a new font size for your desktop notes.

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Large Notepad Gadget

Download Notepad Gadget for Windows 7

Notepad gadget or note editor?

On a sidenote, I normally don’t recommend using a notepad gadget. Sticky notes on a desktop can be useful to remember a few things, but they will often get filled with notes so quickly that managing the notes will become a major pain.

So, what I recommend is to either have a really good to-do list software or a secure notepad editor. One of my favorite editors for is Roboform’s secure Safenote editor. You can organize your notes (which are safely stored and encrypted) in folders and sub-folders. The only downside is that Roboform notes do not allow you to format your text.

Do you know any other good notepad / sticky notes gadgets or want to let us know how this one worked for you? Post a comment below.