Hulu allows people in the US to watch many famous TV shows and movies like Lost or House. If you want to integrate Hulu into the Windows 7 Media Center and access the Hulu desktop from outside the US, read this tutorial.

Windows 7 Hulu Desktop Media Center

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Download & Install HuluDesktopWMC

1. Step First of all grab Hulu Desktop from their site: Download Hulu Desktop

Non-US: If you can’t download Hulu Desktop (I was able to) read the instructions below to find out how you can download and access it outside the USA.

2. Step Copy the Hulu folder to the C: root directory:

  • Open the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) and locate the folder:
  • Copy the folder “HuluDesktop” to: 

3. StepDownload and install HuluDesktopWMC from here.

HuluDesktopWMC is a plugin written by that allows you to integrate the Hulu Desktop into the Windows 7 Media Center.

If you run HuluDesktopWMC for the very first time and it crashes, you should read step 2. again and make sure that there is a copy of Hulu in your root directory (C:\ usually)

Access Windows 7 Hulu Desktop Outside USA

You will need a US IP to access Hulu Desktop. In order to get one, you will need to join a VPN.
One of the best VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is the Hotspot Shield:

Hulu Desktop Proxy

Download Hotspot Shield VPN Software

On Windows 7 x64 or Vista x64? How to run Hotspot Shield on x64 system

An alternative to the Hotspot Shield VPN might be Tunngle. Tunngle is another great VPN, but I’m not sure if you can get a US IP with it, but theoretically it should be possible.