If you have a lot of pictures from your lastest trip to NY on your hard drive, you should know some handy shortcuts to quickly preview the pictures in Windows 7!

Preview pictures in Windows 7

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The easiest way to preview pictures is to open the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) select a picture and then press:

ALT + P (for preview, very easy to remember)

This will enable the preview window inside the explorer. Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not support that many files. If you want to preview more files in Windows 7 other than pictures, you will need a special software like ExplorerView. ExplorerView allows you to preview PSD (Photoshop) files, PDF files, TIFF files, Word documents, FLV files and other files in the Windows 7 explorer.

Preview more files in Windows 7 via ExplorerView

Preview PDF files in Windows Explorer

As for previewing PDF files in Windows 7, Adobe’s PDF Reader 9.3 now supports it (even on Windows 7 64-bit). Older versions of Adobe Reader do NOT support previewing PDF files in Windows Explorer, Outlook, etc.

So, download Adobe Reader 9.3 and you should be ready to go!