Have you enabled the secret Godmode in Windows 7 yet? If not then give it a try! Also, there’s another hidden mode: The Windows 7 Gamemode.

Windows 7 Gamemode Enabled

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Gamemode for Windows 7

The secret gamemode is basically the good old Windows games explorer. To enable this shortcut that you can then put on your taskbar or desktop:

1. StepCopy the following text via CTRL + C:

2. Step Right-click on your desktop and click on New – Folder:

Windows 7 new Folder
3. Step Paste the text that we copied in step 1 via CTRL + V

4. Step You’ll end up with something like this:

Windows 7 Gamemode Enabled

5. Step Double-click on the shortcut and you get this:

Gamemode Windows 7

6. Step Unfortunately, the Windows games explorer does not recognize any Steam games, so you’ll have to add them all manually.

Add Games Explorer to Start Menu

1. Step Right-click on the taskbar and click on Properties:

Taskbar Properties

2. Step Go to the tab Start Menu. Then click on Customize:

Customize Windows 7 Start Menu

3. Step Scroll down the list until you find the entry Games. You can then choose Display as list to get a list of all games on your Start menu.

Display Games List on Start Menu

4. Step That’s what it will look like on your Start menu:

Games on Start Menu

Customize Game Icons: 312 Dock Icons for Windows 7

Now, you might not like the game icons that much. So, let’s customize them!

Dock Icons Windows 7

1. StepDownload our 312 dock icons

2. Step Click on Start, All Programs, Games:

All programs: Games shrotcuts

3. Step Right-click on the game shortcut that you want to customize.

4. Step Click on Properties

5. Step Click on Change Icon and browse for you new dock icons.

Change game icon