A shutdown timer for Windows 7 might come in handy if you want to schedule your PC shutdown.
There are some handy tools that can help you to do that, one of the best comes from Sinvise Systems.

Windows 7 Shutdown Timer

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Windows 7 Shutdown Timer: Minutes

The newest version of the shutdown timer 2.1.1 can force your PC to shutdown (this might be helpful, because Windows usually won’t shutdown your PC if there are still many active apps running). This is by default enabled, so you would have to uncheck the option under “Preferences” if you don’t want to to auto-kill your apps. Optionally, you can also minimize the shutdown timer to system tray, looks pretty cool:

Shutdown timer minimized to tray

A system tray message will notify you when the computer is going to shutdown:

you are about to be logged off

You can also start the tool via the command line and schedule a shutdown:

Shutdown timer command

Personally, I think a shutdown timer should be a built-in feature of Windows 8, going to add it to the Windows 8 Wishlist.

Of course, you can always stop a scheduled shutdown:

Stop Shutdown Windows 7

Sneak Peak at Shutdown Timer 2.5

Shutdown Timer for Windows 7 2.5

The author is going to add a lot of new, awesome features. For example, you will be able to shutdown at a specific time or enable special options. This will make an auto-shutdown and launching tools (for example to clear your history, cookies, etc.) right before your shutdown extremely easy.

If you have any suggestions for new features, contact Sinvise Systems here. Consider a donation if you like this free shutdown timer for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32bit + 64bit) useful.

Download Shutdown Timer

You can download the tool from the official website.