If you’re developing some test applications on the Windows 8 Developer Preview version, you might need to know how to log in as administrator in Windows 8. Here’s how you log into the hidden admin account.
How to log into the hidden Windows 8 admin account

This tutorial is only intended for Windows 8 developer preview and will be updated for Windows 8 beta, RTM, etc.

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Windows 8 still has a hidden admin account that you have to enable via command prompt:

1. Step Restore the classic start menu

2. Step Open a command prompt as administrator

Open CMD as admin in Windows 8

3. Step Enter the command net user administrator /active:yes

Activate administrator account in Windows 8

4. Step Click on Start and then on the Shutdown arrow, click on Switch User

5. Step Now, drag the Windows 8 Start screen (click on screen and drag) to the top of the screen and you will see the activated Windows 8 accounts. The administrator account will appear there.

Log in as administrator in Windows 8

The real administrator account is hidden intentionally and should not be used for developing – it should be used for maintenance purposes that require full elevated rights in Windows 8.

Basically activating the hidden admin accounts works exactly like it did in Windows 7.

If you’re still having problems performing an administrative task, you should run sfc.exe or check that something else is not blocking the access (firewalls, other processes, etc.)