Nowadays, having cloud space at different cloud services comes in really handy. There are many providers by now, but only a couple I’d really rely on. They’re also quite handy to store your Windows 7 themes collection on

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Copy – is a new service by Barracuda Networks. The company headquartered in California has been around since 2002 and was founded by Michael Perone, Zach Levow, Dean Drako. If you’re looking for a reliable vendor, Barracuda definitely qualifies, but there’s more…

Easy sync between devices

The synchronization between devices is faster than what you’re used to and you can configure most settings right from your device using the tray icon:

Advanced cloud storage settings

It’s incredibly easy to transfer files and unlike other cloud services it only charges for what you really use:

Definitely a great service that I intend to use for some time to come. Hopefully, they will work on some advanced synchronization settings like scheduled transfers.

Backup Your Windows 7 Themes To Your Copy Account

If you already use Dropbox or another service, you should still give it a try, it’s always handy to have multiple accounts and BACKUP accounts. For example, you could use the Copy account to backup your Windows 7 themes collection – I’ll walk you through:

First read our guide how to backup Windows 7 themes

Replace %USERPROFILE%\Pictures\Themepack-Backup\ – with the path to your Copy account and it will store the themes right on your cloud account, ready to be used on other Windows PC’s