Got a XBOX 360 for Christmas and you want to use the XBOX controller on Windows 7 to play some games? This is a tutorial that will teach you how to install and use the XBOX 360 controller on Windows 7 and Vista. You can also follow this tutorial if you want to use a PS3 controller.

How to use XBOX360 Controller on WIndows 7 x64

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Official XBOX 360 Controller drivers

First of all download the drivers from and install them. Keep in mind that there are x32 and x64 drivers!

Download XBOX360 Controller Drivers – Mirror #1

Official PS3 Controller drivers

There are no official PS3 Controller drivers from Sony, but you can simply skip this step. MotioninJoy has all the drivers for your PS3 controller! Less work for you :)

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

After installing the drivers for your XBOX controller, reboot your PC. During startup press F8 for “advanced boot options” and select the option “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”.

Windows 7 disable driver signature enforcement

MotioninJoy XBOX/PS3 Controller Emulator

Ok, next we are going to install an emulator for the controllers. The emulator is needed for all the DualShock 3 vibrations that the controller is trying to send to you.

Download the emulator and install it:

Windows 32 bit (x32) – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

MotioninJoy 0.4 Controller Emulator 32-bit

Windows 64 bit (x64) – Windows Vista, Windows 7:

MotioninJoy 0.4 Controller Emulator 64-bit

Install MotioninJoy Driver

After installing the emulator, you have to install the drivers for MotioninJoy with admin privilieges.

1 . Go to Start / All Programs / MotioninJoy / Install MotioninJoy Driver

2. Step Right-click on “Install MotioninJoy Driver” and click on “Run as Administrator”:

MotioninJoy Run as Administrator

3. Step Follow the instructions, but click on ” Install this driver software anyway” when prompted:

Install this driver software anyway

Configure XBOX360 / PS3 Controller Dualshock

Go to Start / All Programs / MotioninJoy / DS3 TOOL

  • Digital Gamepad(Dpad,without joystick) Digital set up, Dpad works off of the X/Y axis. This is like the PS1 controller, works well for soccer games.
  • Analog Gamepad1(POV,Joysticks)Dpad is set to POV/hat switch, the 2 analog sticks are set up on the X,Y, Z and RZ axes. This is like a PS2 controller and is currently the most used.
  • Analog Gamepad2(POV,Joysticks,Analog Triggers)Dpad is set to POV/hat switch, the 2 analog sticks are set up on the X,Y, Z and RZ axes, L2 and R2 are also on an axis. This works well for racing games and is similar to the XBOX 360 controller.
  • Analog Gamepad3(POV,Joysticks,Analog Triggers,Motion sensor) This is similar to Gamepad2 with the added effect of motion sensors. At the moment it’s not very practical.
  • Emulate Xinput Imitates the XBOX 360 controller. Is currently greyed out because it’s still unusable.
  • Enable vibration Enables vibration. [duh]
  • Enable Option Applies the above settings.



The following parts are very important or it won’t work:
a) Advanced boot: (f8 during startup) “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”
b) Run MotioninJoy driver installer with admin privileges