If you are new to Windows 8, we’ll quickly walk you through the removal processs of a program using the regular control panel

Quick Guide To Remove Programs

1. Step First of all, hover over the left-bottom edge of your monitor to open the Windows 8 Start Screen as taught in the introduction tutorial

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2. Step Once there, on your keyboard hold the keys CTRL + F at the same time

3. Step Enter “Uninstall” into the search bar that appears on the right as seen below

Windows 8 Search Settings

4. Step Next click on the option Settings as seen above

5. Step An option will appear on the left that reads Uninstall programs

Uninstall Programs

6. Step A new window appears, scroll down or up with the mouse wheel until you have found the program that you wanted to remove initially. Right-click on the name and select the option Uninstall

Uninstall Avg 2013.Jpg

7. Step Follow the uninstall wizard