Preview Write Protected_thumb.jpg 1 If you get the error: media is write protected error cannot write to disk, follow this guide.

1. Step Open up an elevated command prompt . If you are Windows 7 find the related tutorial here

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2. Step Enter diskpart

Open Diskpart 1

3. Step Enter select volume H: where H: is the letter of your USB Media device

Select Media Drive 1


Media Device Attributes 1

You should see Read-only: Yes – if that is the case then it’s your problem. In my case it says no which is correct


It is possible that you get the message “The operation is not supported on removable media”
The Operation Is Not Supported On Removable Media 1

6. Step If it was successfully, you should now be able to access the drive. If it wasn’t, then you should consider changing the disk properties from “Removable” to “Optimize for Performance” 

7. Step If you still can’t access the drive, download this registry tweak or add it manually

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You will have to create a D-Word (32-bit) key with the value “0” called WriteProtect here:

Create the key StorageDevicePolicies if it does not exist

Another possibility why you are getting the access denied and write-protections errors is because some registry keys are corrupt. Do you have a registry backup or can peform a system restore? You need a recent system restore point for that.

Uttam wrote an excellent article how to remove the USB write protection in Windows 7/8