The access denied error is a very common problem among new Windows users, here’s how to fix it

Permission preview

If you are facing from an access denied problem using Windows 8, rest assured that you are not alone. Thousands of Windows users all over the world are facing the same problem when they want to access files and folders. This is a very prominent and common error. Since there are various files and folders meant only for the admin to access, you would get an access denied message if you do not use an Admin account or do not have admin rights to access.

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For better security, even Admins now have to get more permissions to access some technical files and folders, thank to Microsoft. And the only way to rectify this error is to allow the permission to yourself. So here is how you do it. Remember, the process is same for Windows XP, 7 and 8:


1. Step Right click any folder or file that you want to access, select Properties and move to the Security tab.

permissions tab


That should solve your problem of denied access.