Preview What Speed Netflix_thumb2 It is recommended to have a stable and fast Internet connection for Netflix. Below are more information to figure out what Internet speed is sufficient for Netflix streaming to enjoy your movie experience

Netflix Recommended Speed For Streams SD / HD

1. Step Netflix boasts having more than 30 million streaming members in Canada, Latin America, United States and a few other countries. When you start watching Netflix movies it will automatically adjust the quality of video depending on your internet speed.

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If it determines your Internet speed is slow then it wont stream HD quality video even if the TV show or movie is available in HD. So it is better to have a high speed Internet connection to use Netflix. As a guideline, Netflix suggests following internet speeds:

  • 1 MB/s for viewing on a laptop or computer
  • 2 MB/s for viewing SD (standard definition) video on a TV
  • 4 MB/s for viewing HD (High Definition) video
  • 5 MB/s or more for the best video and audio experience¬†
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Netflix is the leading internet subscription service for TV programs and movies.