iStat Combo gadget picture This handy little gadget can measure not only your current RAM usage, but also the load on each core of your CPU!


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This is a fantastic gadget! Instead of having two different gadgets to measure RAM usage and CPU usage, this handy gadget puts them both in one window. Not only does it measure CPU usage, but it gives you information on each core of your processor! Is there a program running in your background that you don’t know about, making your computer slower? How much is each program making your computer work? Find out with iStat Combo!

iStat Combo gadget options

For each core, this gadget gives you both a visual representation and an exact percent usage for each core of your processor. It also gives you a visual representation of RAM usage and the exact amount (in GB) of free RAM! The options window allows you to choose among five different colors (blue, fire, green, orange, and pink) for the theme. This gadget is such a great two-for-one deal!

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Like keeping tracking of CPU and RAM usage? This is your gadget!

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