If you are worried about your privacy you can allow or prevent websites to use your location
Never allow websites

Privacy is the biggest concern of an internet surfer today. With rising threats of cyberattacks, an average internet user is hesitant with sharing his credentials online apart from some websites that are well known e.g. Amazon, Ebay, etc. Credit card theft is a common crime today. Moreover, a visitor is also concerned about his/her location being shared with the website that is visited. Rest assured, there is a setting in Internet Explorer 10 where you can allow or disallow websites to request your location in Internet Explorer.

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1. StepGo to the Control Panel (icons view)

Type control panel and press enter

2. StepClick Internet Options

Click Internet Options

3. StepGo to the Privacy tab, and check Never allow websites to request your physical location and click Clear Sites

Never allow websites to request your physical location