If you would like to hide your taskbar efficiently, here’s a cool little app. Although the taskbar is quite useful, it’s not exactly minimalistic and hiding it may solve that.

Customize Windows 7 and hide taskbar

SoftPedia Taskbar Eliminator

1. Step Head over to http://www.softpedia.com/ to download Taskbar Eliminator – a free program that is capable of hiding the taskbar

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2. Step The zip file TaskbarEliminator.zip includes an .exe file – run it.

3. Step Don’t be surprised, the taskbar will be gone. To bring it up hit CTRL + ALT + T

hiding windows 7 taskbar

4. Step Now install a dockbar for Windows 7 like this Mac Dock Toolbar gadget

There are a lot of cool docks out there that can replace the taskbar.

What is your favorite Windows 7 dock?