Anti Tracks7_th_ll You are worried that new threats will threaten your privacy in 2014? Here are the must-have privacy tools for 2014

Anyone with a computer knows the importance of maintaining privacy, particularly when searching the internet. Privacy protection can help prevent cookie trackers for gathering and sharing personal data. With a vast amount of privacy software, all claiming to provide the best service, it can be hard to know where to turn. To help, take a look at the highest rated privacy software programs for 2014.

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Privacy Guardian

Privacy Guardian_7_th

Privacy Guardian has earned an overall score of 9.7 out of 10 on This software has earned high markings for effectiveness, easy to use software, as well as help and support. Averaging around $20 per year, Privacy Guardian is also compatible with chat programs, email, and media players. On the downside, Privacy Guardian does not mask IP addresses.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite 5.1

Earning a 9.6 from is CyberScrub Privacy Suite, with high marks in effectiveness, features, and usability. CyberScrub is a bit more expensive, at almost $60 per year, but has been argued to exceed the U.S. Department of Defense’s standards for secure erasing methods. It also automatically downloads updates. One con to this highly advanced software is that CyberScrub can be hard to navigate and may be too advanced for average PC users.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

Paretologic Privacy Controls 16_Th

ParetoLogic has high scores all around from TopTenReviews averaging a 9.1 rating overall. This privacy software program costs under $40 annually and has been rated as extremely easy to use and user-friendly. This software shows users which files will be deleted and is great for Internet Explorer and Firefox users. Help and support for ParetoLogic has received high ratings and is easy to navigate. On the downside, it’s nearly impossible for users to flag cookies they’d like to keep from trusted sites.


One of the more popular brands, WinSweeper, also scores fairly high and evenly all round, with an average score of 8.9. WinSweeper is known for permanently removing computer and internet activity and can be scheduled to run at the user’s convenience. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office. WinSweeper costs around $40 per year and is easy to install. WinSweeper, however does not hide IP addresses, does not wipe free space, and can slow down PCs noticeably.

Anti Tracks 7

Anti Tracks7_th

Rating just below WinSweeper, with an overall 8.83, Anti Tracks 7 performs well all around, with the exception of the area of help and support. Costing just under $35 annually, Anti Tracks 7 hides users IP addresses and is compatible with all major internet browsing programs. It is a full privacy suite that works well with Windows versions and shreds deleted files. On the downside, with so many features and tools available, the software can take a long time to fully delete files and to operate fully.

Privacy on the web, as well as on a computer, can be achieved with privacy software. Choosing between programs can be made easier when looking at the best software programs and comparing the price, performance, help and support, usability, and features between each choice. Using this list, a user can find the best privacy software for their particular computer needs.