Are you still searching for an alternative to Google Reader? One option to consider is called Onefeed, a Google Chrome app. It converts your “New Tab” into a mini-portal to control your social media empire.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and RSS feeds can be managed here–now you can access all these streams in one area.

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Google Onefeed Homepage

Fast Setup

Installation and setup is simple. (See the bottom of this article for the link.) One click installs Onefeed from the Chrome Web Store. You’ll know you installed it successfully when you see the attractive dashboard pop on the screen when you click “New Tab.”

Google Onefeed Tab

The interface looks similar to the Speed Dialers found on Opera or Firefox. You can add new speed dialer locations by clicking the “Add” button. Fill in the URL and destination title. Other things you can access from the interface are Chrome Apps, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Google Onefeed Speed Dial

Along the bottom of the screen you’ll see several feeds. Too see the main Feed Reader, select one of the large arrows on the side of the screen. You’ll see a choice for either News or Social feeds. If you just want to see a snapshot of updates from a certain topic, click one of the the topic areas on the upper right like “Breaking News,” “Entertainment” or “Tech.”

Google Onefeed Feeds

Add RSS Feeds

When you are ready to add your own feeds, click the gear button and fill in the necessary information. You can add tags to the feeds if you want–then click Add RSS and you are done.

We’ve all added extensions and add-ons to our browsers that didn’t do what they promised on the tin. Then you have to spend time uninstalling it, and hoping it didn’t leave any funky files behind. Onefeed works exactly as it promises. It has great graphics, installs quickly and operates smoothly. Make your Chrome browsing experience even better with Onefeed.

Download Onefeed