Sugar_CRM1 CRM (customer relation management) software can help you to manage your clients more efficiently, here are the 5 most flexible programs you may want to try

Customer Relations Management (CRM) software is a varied set of software with many different services. Some focus on building relations with existing customers, and others are more focused on helping you find new business opportunities. There are many CRM solutions available; here are some of the most popular.

1) Sugar CRM


Many users enjoy Sugar CRM’s plug-ins, more so than the core program itself. Third party developers are allowed to create their own add-ons to the program, which are then sold through the company’s website. This allows the program to be a constantly evolving and very personalized tool. If you aren’t sure what you need from CRM, Sugar is probably the way to go, as it allows you to figure it out on the fly. However, some find its payment plans to be too restrictive.

2) Zoho


The main selling point of Zoho is probably its price. This is one of the few programs which offer a free version. It’s not as robust as some of the bigger names, and doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles, but for small businesses, it may be exactly what you need. The only hitch is in learning how to work it. It’s not too complicated, but those who aren’t the most computer savvy may want to consider delegating the running of this program to others.

3) Microsoft Dynamics


For those who are most comfortable with Microsoft products, using the company’s flagship CRM seems obvious However, while this product is solid when it works, it does come with its share of bugs. It seems to either work perfectly right out of the box, or give the user nothing but problems with little hope of fixing them. If you’re one of the lucky few the program feels like playing nicely with, you may have struck gold. The user interface is easily picked up by those familiar with Microsoft’s workings, and there are plenty of features.

4) Infusionsoft


If what you want is total control over the functions of your CRM program, Infusionsoft is probably the way you want to go. This is great if you know exactly what you’re doing. Infusionsoft is one of the pricier programs, making it a service that’s directed at larger businesses and people with good working knowledge of how CRM software works. It can be a great tool for old pros, but new users may want to try something else first.

5) Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the oldest CRM services out there, and it has stayed a player in the market for a reason. It is the template that almost all of the other CRM services are based on. With such a long history, however, the program has become bloated and impenetrable. However, it’s one of the more moderately priced services. With customers like StarBucks and Siemens, it may be worth the hassle of learning.

There are dozens of CRM programs available, and in the end you should choose the one with the features that work best for your specific needs. However, if you need this decision simplified for you, Salesforce is probably your best bet, as it has a great reputation for being a solid product with great customer service.