Click Folder optionsIf you are bored of using the double-click to open files, a single-click CAN be sufficient if you enable this option

Open Files With Your Mouse: Behaviour

Windows 8, just likes its predecessors can open files & folders with either a single or a double click. I am a big fan of the double click but occasionally use the single click too. Whatever you choose is your own choice. Many people including me choose to double click whereas others like single-click. If you want to enable this option by default and open all items using a simple single-click, then follow the steps below

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1. StepLaunch the Control Panel

Type Control Panel in Run and press Enter

2. StepClick Folder Options

Click Folder Options

3. StepOnce in Folder Options click the General tab and under Click items as follows select either single or double click option. Once done, click OK to save the settings.

Click any option and click OK

The other Folder Options also allow you to customize the Navigation pane of how the browsing works, aside from the “point to select” / “single-click to select” options