How to disable Windows 7 Services If you want to know how to disable Windows 7 services, read this tutorial. Disabling services can be useful to get rid of resource-hungry background services that are not needed.

1. Step Click on Start and enter services.msc into the search field:

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Windows 7 Service Manager

2. StepScroll through the list of Windows 7 services:

List of Windows 7 Services

3. StepDouble-click on the service that you want to disable.

4. Step From the dropdown field you can select “Manual, “Automatic” and “Disabled”. Select Disabled.

Disable Windows 7 Services

5. Step Click on Apply

You now know how to disable Windows 7 services, but you should also know what Windows 7 services can be safely turned off. Read our guide: List of Windows 7 services that are safe to disable!