Have you recently tried to install a new program only to encounter another dreaded Windows error, error 112? If so, here’s the fix.

About Error 112

Error 112 simply means that your temporary files folder has run out of file space. You can either delete some files (good practice) or increase the size of the temporary files folder if you still have disk space left.

In most cases when you receive this error your disk is full!

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1 How To Fix This – Clean Temp Files

1. Step Go to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp (Replace (username) with your own)

2. Step Delete some files in there

3. Step Also go into C:\Windows\Temp and delete some files – confirm any UAC prompts

2 Disk Space Analyzer

Using a disk space analyzer you can quickly locate large folders.

Download Tools

TreeDiskSize is one of the best tools to free disk space:

Delete Large Folders.png

There are many tools to get this job done, simply launch it and locate some programs you no longer need and get rid off them. Make sure to have backups first.


If you continue to receive this error, make sure you are deleting files from the correct hard drive partition – you need to remove files from C:\ or your main partition. In most cases it will be C but now always.

Also if you are trying to install elsewhere on D: make sure this partition has sufficient space as well. Better double check it using the Windows explorer (Windows key + E), click on Computer.