Ok so I wanted to run a NET 4.0 program after installing the IIS Web Server, but I ran into a problem that the default target framework is 2.0, let’s fix that!

Verify That IIS Management Tools Are Installed (IMPORTANT!)

0. Click on Start, then Administrative Tools, then on Server Manager

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1. Step Alright, when I installed the IIS Web Server I didn’t take notice of all options and did not check the option IIS Management Tools. Start here:

Add Roles Service Iis Management

2. Step Scroll down and you will see a list – verify that it’s greyed out and ticket – if not, tick all options and Install them:

Iis Management Console And Service

Alrighty, Go On An Enter IIS Manager Into Your Search Bar

1. Step Click Start and enter IIS (if you followed steps 1 and 2 above correctly)

Iis Manager Internet Information Services

2. Step Now go on and uncollapse your web server and click on Application Pools:

Iis Application Pools

3. Step Now right-click on Default App Pool and click on Advanced Settings

Default App Pool Advanced Settings

4. Step Now at the top click the arrow to change the framework from version 2.0 to 4.0

Change Default Appl Pool Framework Version From 2 To 4.Jpg

5. Step You are done, you have successfully changed the ASP NET default framework

Any questions on changing the framework for your ASP app?

From what I’ve learned so far, you can use the option "targetframework=4.0" ONLY in 4.0 apps, 2.0 does NOT support it at all!