Scumm_Vm1 DOSBox is a cross-platform DOS emulator that users can utilize to run older programs or games that are no longer compatible with current operating systems.

There are a number of similar alternative programs that users can employ to obtain the same effects.



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ScummVM is a cross-platform emulator program.

Advantages:This program is designed specifically for users who wish to play old style point-and-click adventure games. It takes the data that the user provides and changes the executable files, which enables games that may have originally been played on computers to be played on mobile devices, and console games to be played on computers.

Disadvantages: The program does not supply the game data for each compatible game. The user has to already have the game data in order for ScummVM to function properly.

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RetroArch is a multi-system game emulation program.

Advantages:This program allows users to play a variety of games on almost any platform imaginable. It works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, as well as on compatible Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry mobile devices. Users can enjoy everything from arcade games to Super Nintendo and Sega console games.

Disadvantages:Like other options on this list, this program does not provide the game emulator files. It only provides the platform on which users can load these files. Also, while it will run on older mobile devices, not all of the games can be played, simply because of the lack of on-screen multi-touch points.

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4DOS is a free command line interpreter designed to replace in older versions of Windows.

Advantages: This program itself is free, and it provides a useful tool for anyone who still runs Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME. It is designed to replace the default command processor entirely.

Disadvantages: This is not a program for the casual DOS user, as it requires a good amount of programming knowledge to even get up it up and running, as well as a working knowledge of DOS to actually use it. While the program is still reportedly stable, the website has not been updated since 2011.

Official Site:



jDosbox is an open-sourced DOS emulator program.

Advantages: This program was actually designed based on DOSBox, and is used mainly for playing older DOS-based video games that are no longer compatible with modern operating systems. It also acts as an emulator for older versions of Windows, and will currently boot Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Windows XP, as well as some other operating systems such as a few versions of Linux.

Disadvantages:The program is still buggy, and while the programmers are working on fixing the problems, there are some that they have not been able to solve, such as Windows XP only booting up in safe mode. The program is updated continually, but it seems more like a pet project than an actually viable emulator program.

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Knowledge and use of the DOS-based operating system is quickly becoming a dying art. At the time of this writing, the author was only able to find these 4 viable alternatives to DOSBox.