Mouse_Stats1 ClickHeat is an application for Windows and Linux computers that allows you to analyze web traffic on your site.

ClickHeat provides you with “hot” and “cold” links in a visual display that makes it very easy to determine what sections of your page need to be better optimized. It is not the only program of its type, however. Presented here are five ClickHeat alternatives that give you the power of choice when choosing a program to suit your needs.



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Pinnacle is one of the highest ranked game pad profilers available on the web.

Advantages:Controller compatibility is one of the biggest advantages of this program. Not only does it provide support for the newer game pads, like those for the Xbox 360 or PS3, but it also includes the original Xbox, PS3 and Playstation. It also comes with pre-set configurations for many popular games.



Another online program, SeeMyVisits provides a live record of all mouse movements on a website for any given visitor. Options for analysis include the standard play mode that allow you to perform your own analysis but also a mode that provides you with tips and options that you might want to pursue. There is a free trial of this software available, but if you want to continue using it after the trial is completed you will need to pay between $20 and $65 per month.



This program uses a multi-platform analytics system that combines the features of many different web applications such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Salesforce. It effectively combines all of these tools into one powerful analytics system. The program has features from more than a dozen different analytics tools. This is an excellent analytics tool, but its recording feature is limited, meaning that you will have more difficulty getting real-time results from specific users.



Inspectlet provides live recordings of site visitors, showing you every mouse movement and providing such options as a heatmap to indicate which sections of the site get the most attention from visitors. The program has an impressive list of users that have vouched for the tool’s utility, including software mammoths such as eBay and WordPress. The price of this tool tends to be higher than the other alternatives listed here, but the sheer number of features far exceeds most other programs.



ClickTale offers many of the features presented here, but focuses more on analytic data than actual recorded sessions of user activity. It does provide recording services, but that is only one feature among many. The website for this program is very bare-bones, as users are unable to view the administrator panel. Non-customers are also unable to get much in the way of free trials or other services from this site.

If you want to see exactly how users view your website, the tools above are all excellent choices to make. They each have a proven ability to help you increase conversions and improve the overall experience for anybody visiting your website.