Git_Hub1 GitLab is an open source piece of software designed to allow multiple users to easily collaborate when writing code.

GitLab is an ideal program for project management and code structuring, but it isn’t the only coding tool out there. Five of the best GitLab alternatives are presented below.



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Because GitLab is an open source piece of software, it has been tweaked and modified by many different people. GitHub is the result of one such modification. It uses the same basic framework as GitLab, but has expanded utility with the hub model. This program provides a social networking model that allows people to respond to ideas about the code during development and chat about related topics using a Facebook-like interface. It is also optimized for use with both tablets and smartphones. The software is free, with upgrades being available for a small monthly fee.



SourceForge is a web-based source code repository that is capable of holding up to 324,000 projects at one time. That makes it ideal for small teams and major projects that involve cooperation between multiple companies. Among the other features of the program include integrated issue tracking that allows daily examinations of outstanding issues. The program’s discussion forums use a threaded system that sorts all similar topics together.

3)The Trac Project


For people who prefer a minimalistic approach to software development, the Trac Project offers web-based project management that can be used by dozens of different users at one time. The program uses a Wiki system to track changes, allowing anybody to edit the project as long as they have the necessary permission to do so. There are also multiple versions of the software available online; meaning that if a new version offers changes that you are not happy with, you still have the option to use your preferred edition of the program.



Launchpad is in many ways the opposite of the Trac Project. While the former uses an extremely minimalistic approach to project management, Launchpad focuses on offering as many features and choices as possible. Some of the different features available with this program include bug tracking, code reviews, translation to different languages, and mailing list management. The website includes an easy search feature that allows you to find the ideal additions you need in order to complete your project.



Gitorious is a project management program focused on those who are developing GNU based code. The program is web-based but can also be accessed as a downloadable program that can be stored on your computer. Gitorious users get access to the program repositories, which are top-level sources of information that can be used by anybody associated with applicable projects. Project Wikis, activity monitoring, and public merge functions are all available.

Almost all of the programs listed above are completely free, and even the few that have paid services have a freeware version that can be accessed immediately. This means that when it comes to project management, you have a free range of excellent programs to choose from and cost is virtually no problem when it comes to making your selection.