Sonic_producer_ll Making music and producing your own electronic music gets easier every day. We compared 5 programs to make your own dubstep electro tracks

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Any users interested in making electronic or Dubstep music professionally or just effectively should invest in an exceptional software program to help. A good Dubstep program will offer high quality output and a great selection of features and extras. Users should check out the top Dubstep Music making software programs in order to determine which software will best meet their needs.

1) Sonic Producer


At just under $30, Sonic Producer is an electronic music producing and editing system that is affordable and efficient. Sonic Producer is very easy for users of all levels to use and understand. It has a variety of pre-installed sounds users can play with and users can export into high def or MP3 file formats. It also comes with a wide array of tutorials and guides for those needing extra help. However, Sonic Producer is lacking in the number of sound recordings it provides and its customer service team isn’t as helpful as they could be.

2) DubTurbo


DubTurbo can help users create great sounding Dubstep music for approximately $40. It’s extremely user-friendly and will be easy for beginning users to figure out. It has an intuitive interface and outputs great sound quality, using WAV files instead of MP3. Drum beats can also be easily created by using the computer’s keyboard. On the downside, users are not able to record audio with this program, although their own audio files can be uploaded and used.

3) Sony ACID Music Studio


Sony ACID’s Music Studio is an extremely advanced, top notch music making program that will cost users around $65 to purchase. This program is targeted towards more advanced professionals, with audio recording and video and audio editing features. VST support is also included. While the interface isn’t as intuitive and easy to navigate as other programs, the “Show Me How” feature can help users understand different options and tools. Some beginners still may not catch on to this high-tech software, as it has a steep learning curve.

4) Image Line FL Studio


FL Studio is one of the top music making software programs available, with professionally quality processes, starting at $120. This program contains the standard audio and video editing options, while including audio recordings, and MIDI editing. Electronic instruments and other devices can also be plugged into this software to enhance sounds or create new music. This program, however, is much more expansive than its competitors and is not as user friendly as some of the other dubstep producing programs.

5) Magix Music Maker


At $50, Magix Music Maker 13 is an impressively affordable dubstep creating software that users of all levels can quickly master. A vast array of beats, sounds, and loops come preinstalled with advanced search features to help users find the perfect sound. MIDI editing and audio editing is also supported. The interface for this software is very attractive and simple to navigate. More advanced users, on the other hand, may grow bored with this program, as it is fairly basic. Creating and finishing one track is also more time consuming than with other software.

Users looking to create dubstep music will need to find software that offers them great sound quality and editing features. These top programs can help users on any level of audio editing and recording achieve their musical goals of producing dubstep music.