Have you been looking for a Stream Ripper for Windows 7? Ok, Microsoft had to remove the “Record what you hear” option in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but there are still plenty of other ways to record a live stream. After all, it is completely legal to record online streams. So, let’s find some good stream rippers for Win7.

Stream Ripper for Windows 7

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StationRipper is a great stream ripper that supports Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) and is using the backend of “Stream Ripper”, the ultimate open-source stream ripper solution. The “Stream Ripper” is normally only accessible via command line utilities, but StationRipper includes a great frontend for it and allows you to access it just like any other Windows 7 application.

Let’s take a look on the frontend of StationRipper:

Station Ripper for Windows 7

So, how would you rip a stream? Nothing easier than that:

Right-click on the white area and select “Add a new Station” and enter the IP or enter the IP directly into the address bar and click on the green Add icon:

Stream Ripper add new station

Find Stream IP Address

But how to get the IP address of a stream in the first place?
Open a stream in VLC and then go to “Tools” – “Media Information” (shortcut: CTRL+I)

Find Stream IP Address

Copy the IP address without all the stuff behind the slash (example: