Kindle Ritual Software To Create Kindle Book Thumb If you are looking for really great software to create and publish Kindle eBooks, here are 3 choices

Amazon Kindle has become the world’s most popular way to read books. With a free self publishing platform available to everyone, it’s no wonder so many are looking into doing it themselves. For those that are new to publishing, some of the DIY formatting can be a little intimidating which is where the right Kindle publishing software comes in. But which program is the best?

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Kindle Ritual

Kindle Ritual Software To Create Kindle Book

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With so many hopeful eBook publishers scratching their heads about how to make it from square one to making money in the Kindle self publishing world, Kindle Ritual appears to do it all. Similar in auto formatting capabilities to the Kindle Publisher Pro, Kindle Ritual adds book promotion features. Not only does it provide lightning quick production and publishing, but a wealth of great instructional material on how to create sales worthy material through training modules included in the software bundle. At a price of $67, a program that also helps you develop a WordPress site to market your eBooks is a steal.

Commandline Tool: KindleGen 2.5

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KindleGen 2.5 allows users to convert HTML documents into eBooks publishable on the Kindle platform. Since the program is produced by Amazon, compatibility is not an issue and it’s sure to be updated as new Kindle readers and formats come out. But for those unused to HTML or XML coding, formatting can seem a bit too hands on. For example, adding tables and images for cookbooks may take some extra thought and internet research to accomplish. However, the simple fact that KindleGen is completely free is a positive. It provides an option for authors to publish without start up costs.

Kindle Publishing Pro

Kindle Publishing Pro promises to save users money by automating the formatting process in a way that’s comparable to what you might purchase from a freelance writing professional. Users can create, edit, format and even reformat existing documents within the program to produce books that are compatible with current Kindle readers. The program also features a mass publishing tool and a way to monitor statistics for what’s already for sale. Aside from the $27 introductory price, this software is a gem because of how quick and simple it is to produce masses of books for the Kindle marketplace.

What’s best for you?

Picking the absolute best Kindle publishing software is best described as a decision of what program will suit your budget, marketing needs, and technical capabilities. If you are able and interested in a highly personalized, do it yourself publishing experience, then the no cost KindleGen 2.5 may be for you.

If you need a program that does a little more, it may come down to a matter of budget. With the Kindle Ritual costing twice as much as the KD Publisher Pro, some may argue that it also provides twice the value through the addition of powerful marketing tools, an opinion buyers will have to consider for themselves.

Self publishing for Kindle can seem like uncharted waters for many authors and publishers just starting out in the eBook industry. Fortunately, there are great options available to suit the publishing needs of eBook sellers of many backgrounds and needs.