Skitch Windows 8 Demo
Skitch by Evernote is a fun and useful app that lets you do drawings and annotations using your touchscreen or touchpad and now it is available for Windows 8 in a complete metro form.

Demo of the Skitch App

Skitch Goes Metro, Turns Up On Windows 8

Skitch may not be available on Windows Phone yet but it is now available on Windows 8. This is a fully metro version of the app that takes advantage of the super flat and sleek UI.

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The popular annotations app from Evernote being available for Windows 8 Metro is a sure shot sign of it soon getting released on Windows Phone. That’s because both platforms share the same UI.

Those running Windows 8 Consumer Preview can go over to the store right now and download Skitch to try it out. The design is completely according to the Metro guidelines. This means it has the main toolbar at the bottom with all the core functionalities, which goes away when not being used. Using Skitch, you can open an existing image or a black file or take a picture with your camera (if any). To the extreme right of the main tool bar is the Evernote elephant, which allows you to enter your Evernote credentials to store everything directly to the cloud.

The app can’t open files directly from Evernote as of yet though. You will need to have the app installed locally and then open your local copies in Skitch. All changes that you make will be uploaded automatically though.

The Windows 8 Metro app comes with all the important parts of Skitch — the shapes (line, rectangle, rounded corner rectangle and circle), the arrow, text and also marker. You have your choice from eight colors and 4 line widths and you can move elements around after they have been placed on the Canvas.