MetroTwit is a Windows 8 Metro Style twitter application for previous versions of Windows and it means business.
Metrotwit gives you windows 8 metro style tweeting experience on older Windows

Free MetroTwit App Lets You Experience The Future Of Tweeting On Windows

MetroTwit is a new Twitter client for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP that represents the true nature of native Metro applications for Windows 8. Doing away with the oh so familiar chrome borders and translucent edges of Windows 7, Metrotwit showcases flat, slate-like graphics with an emphasis on typography and single colors. And it does not stop there.

This is a serious twitter client app that can run on multiple customized configurations. Almost everything about this Twitter client can be customized, that includes the width of the columns to the color combinations to which columns can create pop-ups and where those pop-ups should pop up from. In fact, if there’s something you feel like customization, chances are that you can do it in MetroTwit.

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It has extremely sleek UI features that will take some time to get used for the common Windows user who has not used Windows 8 so far. Btu once you get used to it, it is a different world all together. The progress bars are things of beauty and they are extremely thin too. There are intelligent design features like the intelligent scroll bar that shows you where you are right now and where the unread tweets begin. So at any given point, you know exactly how far away you are from unread conversation.

But that can get confusing at times too. Also, the software is not completely free of kinks, so you will get the occasional glitch. Most of these can be ignored and won’t slow you down. They are definitely not deal-breakers.

MetroTwit features a great conversation view so that you can keep track of who’s replying to what. This is one of those important features that you really need to get serious about twitter conversations. The free version allows you to connect to one twitter account but with the paid version (~$16 at the moment, exchanged from Aus$), you can connect to several accounts.