Every OS requires maintenance, here’s how you can repair Windows 8 using the auto-repair boot option.

preview-how to repair Windows 8

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Windows 8 comes with an auto repair option – all you have to do is to open the advanced boot options and start it and Windows 8 will search for problems. Easy, huh?

Easy steps to repair Windows 8

1. Step Press F8 while booting the system to go into Windows Recovery Menu. Then click on the Troubleshoot.

step-1-how to repair Windows 8

2. StepNext, Click on Advanced options to get into Automatic Repair menu

step-2-how to repair Windows 8

3. StepNext, Click on Automatic Repair.

step-3-how to repair Windows 8

4. StepNext, Select the account.

step-4-how to repair Windows 8

5. StepEnter the password in next screen.

step-5-how to repair Windows 8

6. StepNext, Windows will search for problem and will correct automatically. If problem still persist then you may have to re-install your Windows 8.

step-6-how to repair Windows 8


You may encounter cases where your Windows 8 will not boot and it might go in bootloop. In such cases you could run “Automatic Repair”.