If you want to improve your productivity and stop wasting time moving files from subfolder to one folder manually, try this program.

Move from subfolder to one folder

1. Step Head over to http://levelzap.codeplex.com/ and download the program called levelzap.

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2. Step After the installation you will have a new item on your context menu. Simply right-click and hit “Move content up and Zap”

Moving up files from subfolder to one folder

3. Step You will be asked if you are sure to move all files from the subdirectory to the root directory level. The program will ask you for all files and even folders. So, if there are similar folders, simply say Yes To All

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to disable the question. Aside from that this program makes moving files from subfolders to the root directory a lot easier than doing it manually.

Do you know of any other cool programs that will help to improve your productivity? Let us know!

We’ll be on the lookout for other apps that allow you to quickly move files. Stay tuned!