Windows 7 EVE Online Gadget Looks like we have two hot topics today: Windows Updates and EVE Online. If you were looking for a Windows 7 EVE Online gadget, then download this free skill gadget to monitor your EVE Online accounts.

Before you can use the EVE Online gadget for Windows 7 you have to get your UserID and API key at:

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Once you have that, enter those details and the gadget will be able to tell you your current ISK balance or your training skill. Additionally, when you click on it, you can get more EVE Online stuff, like custom links to your account page or a skill timer.

Best of all the Windows 7 EVE Online Gadget comes with more than 30 different skins, because the default one is actually pretty boring:

EVE Online Windows 7 Gadget

If you have multiple EVE Online accounts, you can simply add multiple gadgets to your desktop and monitor multiple accounts.

Download EVE Online Gadget for Windows 7

  • You can grab the gadget for free here.

Windows 7 EVE Online Theme

If you also want an EVE Online theme for Windows 7, download it here:

Windows 7 Eve Online Theme Eve Online Start Button

EVE Online Windows 7 Theme