Calculator gadget picture Looking for a quick calculator gadget that can handle expressions and you don’t even have to type in the calculations or use on-screen buttons? Look no farther!


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This handy calculator gadget allows you to type in the expressions you need to work out, without messing with the buttons of those other calculators! Just type (or copy/paste) in the expression you need to work out, and with just a press of the enter key you will have your answer! It can’t get much simpler than that!

Calculator gadget Copying

This convenient gadget will also re-input past answers and expressions. Simply click on whatever answer or calculation you need from the list, and this gadget will re-insert it (with parenthesis, in case it’s in the middle of another calculation) into the calculation space. Finally, math made easier!

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This works great on Windows 7 to quickly get results for your calculations – especially if you frequently copy expressions into your clipboard and don’t want to type them int

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