Do you need a countdown gadget for Windows 7? A countdown gadget can always come in handy, e.g. if you don’t want to miss an important date or need to get a notice to remember your stuff. Try this countdown gadget, it works pretty well.

Windows 7 Countdown Gadget

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Why Use A Countdown Timer

The countdown gadget can be used to count down to a specific time and then display a message on your desktop when the countdown hits zero.

Here’s a preview of the countdown gadget:

Windows 7 Countdown Gadget Preview

On your desktop the countdown timer will be minimized to this:

Countdown Timer

The countdown widget can also come in handy to increase your productivity, if you are doing time management.

When counting down to something and you need to compare the times, it is usually best to create a benchmark. Often you will find benchmarking tools for specific purposes out there that may be of use to you

Download The Countdown Gadget

We’re going to add a new gadget for Windows 8 shortly, in the meantime you can try and look in the store

Unfortunately, this gadget is not the best for frequently recurring countdowns, but I’ll be on the look out for some other Windows 7 gadgets. The gadget was part of our New Year theme, you can download it here.

Download Windows 7 Countdown Gadget