If you can’t wait for your own iPad, then grab this iPad Theme for the iPhone. You will have to install some stuff from Cydia, but it’s definitely worth it.

iPad Theme

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To apply the iPad theme and apps you will need a jailbroken iPhone, we recommend RedSn0w 0.9 to jailbreak it. From cydia you have to download some apps to turn your iPhone into and iPad.
Cydia basically allows you to download apps for a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.

Installing Cydia

If you have Installer.app, add http://apptapp.saurik.com/ as a source, then you can auto-install the package “Cydia Installer” (System category). To install Cydia manually, download this package

iPad Apps: Cydia Installer

Most importantly, you need “Winterboard” from Cydia. Winterboard allows you to install themes, wallpapers, docks, new UI’s, buttons, sounds, etc.

Tap the Cydia icon, tap the search icon and search for “Winterboard” and a list will come up.

Installing Winterboard

iPad Theme – Downloads from Cydia

Ok, here’s the complete list of things you have to download via Cydia:

Winterboard (necessary)
Simple iPad Theme (this is the actual iPad theme)

Other apps you might want to download to make it a real iPad-like theme:

  • ShrinkApp
  • MakeItMine
  • ProSwitcher
  • NYTimes
  • Classics
  • Kindle for iPhone

Final iPad Theme

Here’s what it will look like:
iPad theme for iPhone

It won’t change much, but it’s still some time until we can get our hands on a real iPad, so it’s better than nothing.

So, enjoy your new iPad theme!