Skype is a widely used communications tool around the globe, from family gatherings to business calls, and more and more users are upgrading to the Skype Premium plan than ever before. This shift is showing that people are willing to pay for Skype versus the free usage.

The Skype Premium package has been available for a year or two now, and offers users who really use Skype a lot, a great bundle of services. But, heavy users of Skype are paying Skype upwards of $60 per year to make sure their Skype video and voice chats are at the top of the line.

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Bundle of Services Included With Skype Premium

The Skype Premium package is full of features for power Skype users. It includes free video and voice calls, low rates to phones, groups calls, instant messaging, and video messaging. But the premium account includes group video calls, group screen sharing, no advertising, calls to any country of your choice, and live chat customer service.

Users Want More From Skype And Will Pay

What the advancement and sales of Skype premium for both individual and business customers show is that people use and want Skype for its features. They want more than just a simple IM tool and phone calls, but want to collaborate with colleagues, share screens, and be able to get live help whenever possible.

Skype vs Lync for Microsoft

What makes this rise in popularity for Microsoft compelling, is that Microsoft offers Skype for individual and company usage, but offers Lync for enterprise usage. Both are communications tools that companies can use to communicate with other employees, but are on different levels of technical ability. Lync is a powerhouse of enterprise features for companies. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft manages these Skype and Lync calls in the future.

What this shows users, is that Microsoft has embraced their Skype purchase, and has seen it grow. It has made vast improvements to the Skype ecosystem, and has made its features available to anyone who wants to use it. The Skype Premium package is not for everyone, but for those who want a powerful set of group sharing and video features, it’s a must buy and only $60 per year.