Don’t know how to change your DNS provider? We have a free solution, which you can download from our site below

The Full App: Improve Your Gaming Latency, Speed Up Your Browser By 50%+

We’re currently working on improving the full version. Right now you can already use it to move your browser cache away from your slow hard drive to your RAM (memory). RAM is considerably faster than your hard drive.

On top of that you can apply our latency tweak with a single click to reduce your WoW, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, etc latency down from 200+ to as little as 20-50 ms!

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We will update this app on the site Speed Up The Internet .Net – the app is developed by our software company Triagis Ltd.

The Lite App: Change DNS With Single Click

Using the free lite app you can change your DNS provider with a single click. This comes in handy if your original ISP has a slow DNS. Changing your DNS provider can speed up your DNS lookups significantly and can reduce the time it takes to load a website!

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SpeedUpTheInternet.Net (You may get warning messages when downloading here, because the site is brand new and Chrome will issue a warning then)