If you work with fonts a lot for your design job, or just for fun, you know some similar font families can be hard to distinguish from one another.

As ILoveTypography.com, a blog devoted to understanding and optimizing the right font for your projects, said, “Every typeface, like every one of us, has its distinguishing features. You might be forgiven for thinking that some fonts are clones, or identical twins. However, closer inspection reveals subtle differences and nuances that simply escape casual perusal.”

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But getting the exact font to meet your design goal is critical.

Enter Tiff, a free web tool that lets you contrast two difference fonts by laying them on top of each other.

Times New Roman Vs. Georgia

Compare Fonts

My Ye, a designer in Toronto, created Tiff.

The tool is simplicity itself. You choose two fonts and then four letters you want to compare.

You’ll see the selected letters overlapping each other. You can clearly see the difference in fonts that look similar to the naked eye.

Tahoma Vs Arial

Tiff works by comparing Google Web Fonts, a popular repository of thousands of fonts.

However, if you are using a different font set, they may not match exactly with what this tool is sharing.

PT Serif Vs PT Sans

Pairing Fonts

Font selection becomes even more important when pairing two or more fonts for the same page. They must be distinct from each other, yet work in harmony at the same time. TheNextWeb.com explains: “Typography, more specifically the selection of typefaces and the arrangement and adjustment in using the typefaces, can cause issues for even the most experienced and educated designers, let alone be something that can cause headaches to those just beginning.

‚ÄúPairing typefaces seems to be what gives designers in the digital age the most headaches. With thousands and thousands of fonts available for the picking, how can you know if your font selections will work well together in your design?”

Give Tiff a try. It works quickly, saving you time, money and frustration.

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