doubleTwist is more than just a great iTunes alternative, it allows you to sync all of your local media files with your mobile devices – hassle-free!

Import ALL Playlists From iTunes and Winamp

When I looked for a possible iTunes alternative, I was certain that I wouldn’t want to miss all those tracks I already purchased, so it should be able to import my old iTunes tracks. With doubleTwist this is not a problem at all, in fact, I started the app and ALL of my iTunes tracks were there already, no import, nothing – it just worked out of the box and that despite most of my tracks being stored on a network drive. Check this out:

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Import Playlists From Itunes Winamp.png

The Core Feature: Sync Files With Your Mobile Devices e.g. Windows Phone

One of the best features of this application: It can synchronize your media files. Yep, that is right you can sync content with your Windows Phones using this app. According to the devs, a new doubleTwist version will focus entirely on syncing desktop content, so expect this app to become even more throughout the next months:

Easily Sync Files With Your Windows Phone Using Doubletwist.png

Quickly Access Network folders

One of the best features and why this is a real iTunes alternative for Windows is that it can access all of your network folder – so if you frequently store iTunes files on remote network locations, this app will recognize that!

Access Network Folders.png

Browse Media On Your PC

You can use the software to browse media on your PC:

Photos On Your Pc.png

Links And Resources (Download the App here) (Another of their services – a free Internet radio playlist)

AirSync for Android:

One of the features I haven’t tried yet: AirSync – you can use your Wifi network to sync files from your Android phone to your AppleTV or your iPad/iPhone. Very handy and I’m sure I will use that when I re-enabled my Wifi network

Airsync Itunes Alternative.png