Old Restore Points in Windows 7 can take up some disk space, so you can delete them to free up disk space. Here’s how to delete them.

delete old restore points

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Delete Old Restore Points in Windows 7

Restore Points can sometime be painful in terms of disk space. Windows automatically creates Restore Points when you install programs or drivers. I order to Clean Disk and get some space, the restore points except the most recent one could be deleted.

Step by step procedure

1. Step In the Start Menu search bar type Disk Cleanup or navigate All Programs–> Accessories–>System tools–>Disk Cleanup. Wait till it calculates the space.

Disk Cleanup

2. Step Select the drive you want to clean. For Restore Points select the drive on which Windows in installed. Click OK to continue.

select drive

3. Step Now in the Disk Cleanup windows click on Clean up System Files.

Cleanup System files

4. Step Again select the drive and Click OK. It will again Calculate the space.

select drive

5. Step Now in Disk Clean Up windows select the More Options Tab on top.


6. Step Under the System Restore and Shadow Copies click on Clean Up.


7. Step Click Delete in the Dialog Box.

boot manager successful

8. Step Click OK to perform Clean Up.



Restore Points can be heavy on your Disk Space, it is appropriate to delete them except the most recent one in order to save space and your System. Cheers!