Do you want to change the Explorer icon on your Windows 7 taskbar, but you haven’t figured it out yet? If so, here’s a short how-to to change that explorer icon and a tool that can change your taskbar icons with one click!

How to change Explorer icon to mac finder icon

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Change Explorer Icon Manually

0. Download this Mac Finder icon for Windows (.ico format) or the following Mac Finder icons:

Tip: The colorful Mac finder icons can be downloaded here

1. Step Open the Explorer via Windows key + E
2. Step Go to C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar

Replace [yourusername] with your actual username. You can copy and paste that path into the address bar if you don’t waste time.

3. Step Right-click on the Explorer icon “Windows Explorer
4. Step Click on Change icon
Change Windows Explorer Icon
5. Step Locate the Mac Finder icon on your hard drive
6. Step Confirm with OK
7. Step Click on Apply:

Apply Mac Icon

8. Step Follow this tutorial clear your icon cache
9. Step Important: Restart Explorer.exe or reboot
10. Step Enjoy your new Mac Finder icon on the taskbar:

Mac Finder Icon Windows Explorer Icon Replacement

Change Explorer Icon Automatically

How to change taskbar icons in Windows 7

Don’t want to spend much time on changing your taskbar icons? If so, you should simply download this tool that can change most of your taskbar icons with one click!

Change Windows 7 Taskbar Icons With 1-click