Battery Perfomance Usage
Keeping your Windows Phone powered up is a challenge if you are running around town all day–away from your charger. Battery Performance is a simple, reliable app that will keep you updated about the amount of juice you have left.

Gorgeous User Interface

For some reason, many of these little utility apps have clunky, dated user interfaces. Not so with Battery Performance–in this case it is one of the program’s best features. The elegant UI shows plenty of useful information including:

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  • -Overall estimated time left on the battery.
  • -Estimated talk time left.
  • -Estimated web time left.
  • -Last update.

Due to the nature of Windows Phones, the data is refreshed every 30 minutes, not instantaneously. That may not be a big deal for most users, but is something to keep in mind when evaluating the program.

There are plenty of useful graphs including nice 3G and web meters. There is a log function that shows a record of charges, as well as a life cycle report that can be displayed by date and by score.

Battery Performance Logs

Useful Statistics

The statistics available include:

-Network activity in terms of cellular vs. Wifi usage.

-Number of charges.

-Current performance.

You can also see a model ranking of devices so you can see your device compared to others. The device ranking can be sorted by model rank or top-rated rank. The lock screen function includes the current battery level so you can see the information at a glance without opening the device. You have to give Battery Performance a few days to calibrate the data and start to display information. The Live Tile itself will only re-calibrate every 30 minutes, a characteristic of the Windows OS.

Battery Performance Statistics

The price of $1.99 seems a little steep for a simple battery power tracking app, but it looks good, works well and provides lots of useful information. You can take a free trial spin. Battery Performance is definitely worth checking out.

Install Battery Performance