Having a clean computer is perhaps one of the best methods to ensure optimum performance. It will also help to save on expensive repairs as damages to your machine can be prevented.

Download SlimCleaner: Free Utility

Slim Pc Cleaner

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SlimCleaner is a free utility that includes all of the tools required to clean and optimize your PC. A complete scan of Windows files took 30 secs, which demonstrates the speed of the utility.

The program was designed with feedback from the users and includes almost all useful features that are commonly used.
You can download the application from http://slimcleaner.com/

How to Clean your PC

After installing, you can launch Slim Cleaner and choose which parts of your computer you wish to clean.

The design is what makes this application very unique. It includes a unique Community Ratings system, that rates all of the applications on your computer so that you can decide which files or programs can be deleted.

You can easily get an indication of the safety or usefullness of any other programs, provided others have used and rated them.

You can also get quick and easy access to many of Windows tools, and it also allows you to uninstall programs you no longer want.
On the left side of the interface, there are menus to chose the actions you wish to perform. Tabs on the right side access each tool: Cleaner, Optimize, Software, Browsers, Hijack Log, Disk Tools, and Windows Tools.

1. Step Click on the Cleaner button, and the tabs that show the areas where you can Clean will appear in the panel

You can choose Windows, your browsers, the Registry, and any of your applications. You can further choose which applications you wish to clean. Before cleaning,you can analyze to determine which files will be scheduled for cleaning.

how to clean your PC

2.0 The Optimize button allows you to scan areas and applications of the files on your machine, and see the results of the scan where they are scanned by Popular AV software, and results stored in the clouds.
You can also observe how your software is ranked by the community.
Slimware scans the applications in your startup, as well as other applications in your service area.
Any application with less than satisfory results can be selected for deletion.


3.0 From the software item menu,you can manage the applications that are installed on your PC. SlimCleaner shows the both the versions that are installed and current updates. You can upgrade your application from SlimCleaner, by clicking the Upgrade now button to upgrade your software.

 upgrade your software with SlimCleaner

4.0 SlimCare can also be used to manage your browsers, and the scores of toolbars that somehow always seem to get installed on your PC without your knowledge. The very useful community ratings with peer reviews, will provide more information on the toolbar to help you decide, and you can easily remve the unwanted toolbars with a click of your mouse.

You can read what others have to say by clicking the more info button, or you can add your own review of any toolbar, or select one and Click Remove Item to remove it.

 mangage toolbars with SlimCleaner

5.0 Click the Disk Tools Menu bar to access disk tools that include the Disk Analyzer that shows the size of all the directories and the number of files that they contain.

Slim Cleaner also maintains a wiper that allows you to overwrite your disk, a Shredder to delete files, a defragmenter, to properly allocate the sectors on your drive, and a duplicate file finder.

 SlimCleaner disk tools

One of the tools includes a disk defrag, that you can launch at the click of your mouse.

6.0 You can also use some of the common Windows Tools directly from Slim Cleaner. The Windows tools include the registry editor,System Restore and the Performance monitors, and direct access to the Control Panel.

Windows Tools


Slim Cleaner provides immediate and easy access to the tools needed to maintain a healthy and computer.
If you are undecided about which applications should be deleted, you can easily get more information, and review what others have said.

The Community Ratings systems also allows you to rate other applications. SlimClean is fast and easy to use and uses very little of your resource, while it helps to keep your PC clean.