Decompiling an exe file is possible, but it always depends on the programming language. Visual Basic exe files can be decompiled easily.
How to decompile .exe? Possible?

.exe is the most common file types in the computer world and an average user of computer uses .exe files for sure. You might also come across .exe files that contain viruses and malwares. Such .exe files do create a suspense in the mind of a computer addict as to what does the .exe file has in it. Decompiling .exe files is a great subject and here is a brief discussion on decompiling .exe files.

Decompiling Exe Files With Boomerang

1. Step.exe decompilation depends on the platform the files were made on. Files made in VB are the easiest to compile. The decompiler splits an exe file into further scripts and modules in the same way as a compiler compiles different scripts into one unit.

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2. StepThere are decompilers specifically for C++/C language as well that decompile exe files written in the specified languages.

3. StepWe found one open source application named “Boomerang” that is known for the decompiling of exe files. The application is available at
Boomerang website

4. StepDownload section of Boomeragn website features certain versions of the application depending on your operating system. Download the version of Boomerang that is compatible with your operating system.
Boomerang Download Section

5. StepBrowse for the exe file of your choice that you wish to decompile.

Browse File Section

6. StepThe main GUI features Load, Decode, Decompile and Generate Code.

Boomerang GUI

7.Move subsequently through the program tree and at the end of the program you are going to have plain code.

Boomerang can help you decompile a number of exe file types but the complex one certainly do not allow to be decompiled that easily. At least you can have a look at what is inside a malware. In case you need further help on this subject, you can drop us an email and we’ll help for sure.