Ok, you have problems to activate Windows 7, right?

Either you are getting the error codeEE2 or the system can’t find your slui.exe (the exe that is required to activate win7).

I have a solution!

If you are running the AVG (best choice so far) firewall it will block the slui.exe and you will not be able to activate Windows 7. To disable the firewall process you need admin privileges.

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First of all you will have to learn how to activate the hidden administrator account in Windows 7:

Activating the hidden admin account

Goto “Start” and enter “cmd” into the search

field.Do not just hit enter. Hold CTRL + Shift and hit Enter! That’s the shortcut to run this as an admin.

Enter the command you can see above:
net user administrator /active:yes

This will activate the hidden admin account.

Switch Users

Simply switch the user account now (Start – select from pulldown menu “shutdown” -> “switch users”.) and you will see the admin account!

Click on the admin icon to switch to that user. Once you are logged in you can disable your firewall which blocked the slui.exe!

Disabling the firewall service

Open the task-manager. Select the tab “services” and locate the AVG firewall service by hitting the key “a” several times. Search for AVGfws8 – right-click -> turn it off.

Activating Windows .. finally

Now open the cmd.exe again (as described above) and enter “slui.exe” to run it. Activate Windows. Done!