The navigation buttons of the Windows explorer are stored in the system file explorerframe.dll. If you want to change your navigation buttons, you’ll have to replace the explorerframe.dll, on Windows 7 64-bit even twice!

How to replace explorerframe.dll

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Explorerframe.dll Location

Let’s first see where the explorerframe.dll is stored.

Windows 7 32-bit:

Windows 7 64-bit:

Replacing Explorerframe.dll

We have some very exhaustive guides that will explain you how to replace system files in Windows 7. They will show you how to do it step-by-step:

Nonetheless, I want to give you a quick overview how to replace the explorerframe.dll quickly:

1. Step Run elevated command prompt
2. Step Take ownership of the file via Takeown explorerframe.dll:

Take Ownership Explorerframe.dll

Enter: takeown /f explorerframe.dll

3. StepGive yourself permissions: Full control

Browse to the file via explorer. Right-click on explorerframe.dll and click on Properties. Go to the tab Security. Click on Edit. Select your username and check the option Full control and confirm with Apply.

Explorerframe.dll Permission to replace

4. Step If you are on WIndows 7 64-bit do the same for the explorerframe.dll in SysWOW64!

5. Step You can now replace both explorerframe.dll. Simply rename the explorerframe.dll and then you can copy the explorerframe.dll that you want to use instead into the folder.