Forwarding Port 80 For Trendnet Security Camera_ll Recently, I acquired a little Wifi cam for testing purposes. If you have one too, you may want to consider changing the default port over which you access it to make the camera more secure

1. Step Log into your TRENDnet or Wifi cam configuration panel – usually this can be accessed by entering the IP address of your camera right into the address bar. The IP will look like this:

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2. StepClick on Network and you will see the configuration settings e.g. the port and if UPnP is enabled (Universal Plug and Play is handy but could be disabled for safety reasons as well)

Forwarding Port 80 For Trendnet Security Camera.png

3. Step Now the port that you see there is often used for a web server called Apache. Network scanners like nmap frequently check for services running on this port. That’s why it is a better choice to change this port to something other.

Changing The Port For A Trendnet Security Camera.png

4. Step Wondering what ports you can use? Ports are stored in a 16-bit integer, which means the highest number you can use is 2 to the power of 16 minus 1, which means 65535 is the highest port number

Tip: 33 is also a rather low port, use something between 50,000 and 60,000 or 20,000 and 30,000